Manager Turns Other Cheek, Is Suspended

Associated Press

The manager of the Bellingham Mariners was suspended and fined for "mooning" an umpire during a Northwest League baseball game last week, league president Bob Richmond said Saturday.

Mike Goff pulled the top of his pants down at home plate while protesting a fair-ball call on a hit by the Southern Oregon Athletics Tuesday night in Medford, Ore.

The incident was shown Wednesday night on ESPN.

Richmond recommended to the parent Seattle Mariners that Goff be allowed to return to work Monday night, after being suspended Thursday.

The Mariners had suspended him indefinitely pending a league decision, Dave Aust, Seattle Mariners public relations director said Friday.

"We're definitely not going to condone what he did," Aust said.

"We obviously can't have that kind of behavior," Richmond said. "I don't like it at all."

He declined to give the amount of the fine.

Goff and Mariners officials could not be reached by telephone for comment Saturday.

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