I am writing in response to "Pay 'N' Save," about televangelist Gene Scott (July 10). Glenn F. Bunting did a great job exposing Scott's financial sins. However, he accepted without question that Scott is something of a biblical authority and scholar, a concept I seriously question.

The fact that Scott knows some words in Hebrew, Greek and German scarcely qualifies him as a scholar. The piece quoted several words used by Scott along with his translations of them. But actually those words have a variety of meanings depending on the context of the biblical writer and the sentence in which they appear. Hagyois, or sainthood, can also mean separate from common conditions, hallowed, holy or sanctity. Dike, or righteousness, can mean right, justice, punishment or judgment. And Logos, or word, can refer to Jesus Christ, the Old Testament, speaking or reason.

Also Scott does not fare well considered against the teachings of James 5 or Jesus teaching on the Widows Mite. Both have a real problem with wealth and the way Scott abuses it. Bunting should have named Scott's empire for what it is--a cult.



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