Dingell Quits NRA Board, Votes for Crime Bill

<i> Reuters</i>

Rep. John D. Dingell (D-Mich.) quit the board of the National Rifle Assn. on Sunday as he prepared to vote for the crime bill, which bans 19 types of assault weapons.

Dingell said in a letter to NRA President Tom Washington: “I find the conflict between my responsibilities as a member of Congress and my duties as a board member of the National Rifle Assn. irreconcilable.”

In a House speech, Dingell said he strongly opposed the crime bill’s assault weapon ban as an infringement of gun owners’ rights. But he said he was nevertheless supporting the $30-billion bill.


The NRA strongly opposed the bill, and supporters of the measure said it had mounted an eleventh-hour campaign to try to kill it.