Optimal Solution Found in OPTIMA

OPTIMA, Orange County’s pioneering health care program for Medi-Cal recipients, has reached an important milestone.

Its new structure for the delivery of care combines the best attributes of this region’s traditional providers and our experienced managed care plans.

By including both in a competitive arrangement, OPTIMA will bring out their best in terms of costs and quality of care.

This is good news for Medi-Cal recipients, who can look forward to better access to quality care.


This is good news for the private sector, which through cost shifting ultimately pays for shortfalls due to government underfunding.

OPTIMA will oversee 5% of the $10-billion Orange County health care system.

It’s very refreshing to note that in the absence of reform at either the federal and state level, Orange County is forging ahead in a most enlightened manner.

Very serious challenges to success remain (e.g., a fair distribution of patients among plans), but OPTIMA’s progress and direction establishes a high level of confidence that will help achieve it.


GREGORY S. BISHOP, Director, Business Health Solutions, Irvine