Council Race Is as Low-Key as Island : Avalon: Personality may decide the contest between Scott Nelson and George Scott on Catalina. Neither has formally campaigned.

When voters on laid-back Catalina Island go to the polls Tuesday, they will choose between two candidates seeking election to the City Council.

But the race between businessmen Scott Nelson and George Scott is anything but cutthroat.

"People just discovered this week that there was a race," said Scott, a well-known figure on the island who runs for council every election. "We haven't done anything (to campaign), not either one of us."

Scott, who declined to give his age, has served four council and two mayoral terms since he arrived on Catalina in 1947.

Nelson, 40, agreed that personality will be a major factor when island residents cast their ballots.

Nelson has filled the council position temporarily since former Councilman Ralph J. Morrow Jr. was elected mayor in April.

Nelson now seeks official election to fill the remaining two years of Morrow's four-year term.

Nelson indicated that some voters say Scott "has had his time around and he's not what we want anymore." But he said the main issues affecting Avalon include development projects and attracting people and business to the island.

"But they're not really affecting us now. They're all future projects," Nelson said.

Although Nelson is his opponent, no ill will exists between the two, Scott said.

"I haven't said anything derogatory about him and I don't think he's going to say anything derogatory about me."

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