Guns: Opposition to March Ballot Measure

How do you feel about everyone in Redondo Beach lugging a snug .22-caliber pistol in their hip pocket or handbag?

And if someone approaches you and you feel threatened, all you have to do is whip out your magnum and blast away. The bullets will leave the muzzle at about 1,500 feet per second and quickly end that threat. That is, if you're not in a supermarket or a crowd at the beach--then you may be able to take out a couple of unsuspecting people in one blast. Of course, the shape of the bullets you use will determine the damage you inflict on your target. A blunt-nose bullet is much more devastating on human tissue than the sharp-nose bullet.

This unhappy condition is what you will be promoting if you vote in favor of Proposition E in the coming March elections. Isn't it better not to proliferate guns in our community and let the Police Department do the job they are there for? Please vote no on Proposition E.


Redondo Beach

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