Awards: UCLA's Choice of Yaroslavsky

Shame on the UCLA Community Service Commission for giving Supervisor Zev Yaroslavsky ("Awards: UCLA Honors Yaroslavsky," Jan. 26) their Humanitarian of the Year award.

You've got to be kidding!

Our neighborhood association is less than half a mile from his old Robertson (Boulevard) field office. We have had a situation left over from the riots (that has been extremely well-documented in the media) that has generated hundreds of thousands of dollars in crime, lost business, several murders, declining property values and any of number of other problems. What was Zev's response, after the owner refused to take action, and after the fact that everybody and their mother brought this to his attention on many occasions? His response was nothing. Zev's previous, tireless political aggressiveness sounds like it died a long time ago. Out of respect for the many things that he has done for L.A., what we have been forced to recognize about Zev Yaroslavsky are the tremendous amounts of things he hasn't done when he had the ability to do everything.


Los Angeles

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