Emmanuel Robles; Algerian-Born Writer

Emmanuel Robles, 80, author of about 40 plays and novels, including "Montserrat" and "City Heights." Robles was born in Algeria, where he met his longtime friend Albert Camus. Robles established himself with his novel "City Heights," inspired by a Muslim revolt in Algeria, which won France's prestigious Femina prize in 1948. He probably was best remembered for "Montserrat," about the Venezuelan resistance to the Spanish invasion. His prolific tally of books, plays, essays and poems demonstrated his fascination with Mediterranean cultures and the conflict between violence and humanity. Late in his career, Robles dealt with contemporary tragedies such as Hiroshima and the Chinese civil war. His friendship with Camus is detailed in a book, "Camus, Brother of the Sun," soon to be released by Robles' publisher, Seuil. On Thursday in Boulogne, France.

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