BASE GAIN: Not only have Ventura County's...

BASE GAIN: Not only have Ventura County's two Navy bases survived the most recent round of Pentagon-ordered base closings, but Port Hueneme could benefit after all the bloodletting is over (B1). . . . Amid relief that the bases survived, BRAC '95 Task Force members are already on the watch for new jobs that could beef up operations at both installations.

SMALL TALK: The Channel Islands' pygmy mammoth has resurfaced--this time as the topic of a lecture tonight by a well-known geologist who specializes in archeological sleuthing. . . . Larry Agenbroad led the team of scientists that excavated the skeletal remains of the creature on Santa Rosa Island last summer. He'll speak at 7:30 p.m. at the Channel Islands National Park Visitor Center. . . . Meanwhile, plans are still afoot to mount a contest to name the creature, who will serve as the Channel Islands center's mascot, spokeswoman Carol Spears said.

HIGH NOTE: Kudos to Simi Valley High School art teacher Bruce Kanegai, one of two Southern California teachers who won Bravo Awards from the Los Angeles Music Center. . . . Kanegai has taught for 23 years--21 at Simi Valley High, where he heads the art department. A finalist four years ago, Kanegai survived rigorous competition and on-site evaluations, triumphing over 86 teachers from five counties. Winners were feted this week at a Music Center gala. Said Kanegai: "The other teachers are the ones that motivate me to do quality work."

TEEING OFF: The Senior PGA Tour's FHP Health Care Classic starts Friday at the Ojai Valley Inn, with a gaggle of big-name golfing stars including Arnold Palmer and Chi Chi Rodriguez. . . . Also set to play is Buddy Allin, a former head professional at Saticoy Country Club in Camarillo (C6). Allin has kept a low profile since qualifying for the tour, but he's captured the admiration of celebrated fellow golfer Robert Landers. "He's kind of a quiet guy who stays in the shadows of things," Landers said.

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