DOWNTOWN : Citizenship Class for Legal Residents Set

A low-cost workshop to help legal residents apply for citizenship will be held Saturday at the Asian Pacific American Legal Center.

Applicants are asked to bring a green card, passport, driver's license, a five-year employment and residential history, and marriage status record.

Prospective citizens will be fingerprinted and volunteers will check their applications, which will be sent to the Immigration and Naturalization Service.

Rusmee Jongjarearn, a paralegal with the Asian Pacific American Legal Center, said the workshop is a response to Republican threats to pass legislation prohibiting legal immigrants from obtaining public benefits.

"The best defense is to become U.S. citizens," Jongjarearn said.

There is a $25 fee, cash or money order, for fingerprinting and photograph ($10 for age 65 and over) and a $95 fee for the INS processing, payable by check.

The center is at 1010 S. Flower St., second floor. Reservations are preferred. Information: (213) 748-2022, Ext. 14 or Daniel Park at (213) 380-6175.

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