Evidently, You Can Run but You Can't Hide

So you've reached the saturation point with the O.J. trial and you're thinking about getting away from it all, to some foreign locale where the words "DNA evidence," "Bronco" and "melted ice cream" have no special significance.

You may have to go to the ends of the Earth to find that paradise. The Wall Street Journal reported recentlythat trial coverage even eclipsed the Vienna Opera Ball, a lavish, most formal extravaganza where the champagne flows for $35 a glass.

The first waltz of the evening had barely begun when Austrian television receivers mounted on the ballroom walls broke from their live remotes at the ball and zeroed in on the courtroom in L.A.

Wonder if they get "Hard Copy," too.


Bagging the Problem: One of our least favorite aspects of club-going has always been what you do with your purse while you dance. There were a few options: Leave it at a table and hope for the best; put it on the floor and dance around it, like some weird urban tribal ritual; or sling it over your shoulder and have it smash into your hip again and again.

But those mini-backpacks that are all the rage solve that nagging purse-dance dilemma. The straps securely fasten around your arms so you don't have to let go of it, nor do you have to suffer bruised hips.


Fitness Does Compute: Even if your life is your computer and your computer is your life, there's no excuse for letting mouse manipulation be your only form of exercise.

Todd Person, personal trainer to the stars, has gone on-line. The fitness guru, who has helped shape the pecs of Trent Reznor, Demi Moore and Christian Slater, has an America Online e-mail address: TPFitness.

"I want to help those I haven't been able to reach yet," says Person, who wants to select a workout just right for you--free of charge, of course.

Maybe this means that a virtual reality gym isn't far behind. We can only hope.


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