Mrs. Clinton, in India, Seeks Idea Exchange

From Reuters

First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton arrived in India early today saying she wants to exchange ideas on how to help women, children and the poor.

Mrs. Clinton, on the second leg of a 12-day goodwill tour of South Asia, was greeted by U.S. Ambassador Frank Wisner and Indian officials at a low-key airport welcoming ceremony.

Mrs. Clinton began her tour with a two-day visit to Pakistan. Wearing the native garb of Pakistani women, she was guest of honor Monday at a candlelight dinner at Lahore's ancient Red Fort attended by Pakistani Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto.

Earlier Monday, she visited a clinic in Burki village near Lahore where she observed a 4-month-old boy being given oral polio vaccine and briefly attended mathematics and English classes at a local girls school.

Afterward she talked with local residents about the problems of women.

"The problem of taking care of your own family and children, and going out and working . . . that causes double time, double duty," Mrs. Clinton said.

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