U.S. Supreme Court OKs Limiting Sign Display at Homes

Associated Press

The Supreme Court says communities cannot keep people from displaying signs at their homes. But that might mean a limit of one sign.

The justices let such a limit stand Monday as they turned away a free-speech attack on a New Brighton, Minn., ordinance.

Plaintiff DeAnna Brayton said the ordinance "exemplifies the most restrictive possible regulation short of an outright ban" on signs.

The court also:

* Agreed to decide in a Maryland case whether banks or other creditors can temporarily refuse to release money they hold for someone who has filed for bankruptcy.

* Voted to use a Wyoming case to decide whether criminals who plead guilty must be told they have a right to a jury trial if they want to challenge seizure of their assets.

* Rejected a Texas killer's appeal of his death sentence as cruel and unusual punishment because he spent 17 years on Death Row.

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