'Under One Roof' Needs Time to Succeed

"Under One Roof" is an excellent program. It is extremely well written, acted, directed and produced. I tune in to CBS every week. Further, it is not merely a program for the black audience but for all audiences. It communicates honestly with the human in all of us. And it's enjoyable to watch.

NBC screwed up several years ago with "I'll Fly Away" when it had an exceptional program but kept switching its time and day slot. Who could find it? Who could keep up?

Shows like these take time to build. They deserve a complete commitment from the network and advertisers. Give your audience some credit; give us more "Under One Roof." Or else we'll be destined to watch the rest of the schlock out there, or, worse yet, we'll be destined to turn off the damn tube, once and for all.


Los Angeles

For the first time in a long time a television show that is wonderful. CBS is to be applauded for bringing this family to life. A talented cast including James Earl Jones, who is one of the world's finest actors, and just to see him is a treat. The stories are stories that people can relate to, and you care about these characters.

Give them a fair chance and please give the audience a chance to get to know them. Good shows offered on television these days are so limited and rare. Well, now you have one, please hang onto it. This can pave the way to more intelligent programs and set a higher standard for television in the future. CBS has done it for comedy, now do it for drama.


Los Angeles

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