Harper MacKay; Composer, Arranger of Music for Films, TV

Harper MacKay, 73, composer, conductor, arranger, pianist and musical director for films and television as well as such artists as Ann Blyth, Sammy Cahn and Phyllis Diller. A native of Boston, MacKay earned his undergraduate degree at Harvard and a doctorate in music from USC. From 1962 to 1980, he was the musical director for the Los Angeles Civic Light Opera Music Theater Workshop. He composed scores for the films "Cry Uncle," "Jack, the Giant Killer," and for nine televised Bugs Bunny cartoon specials. He also served as vocal supervisor and arranger for many special films and television productions including "Pennies from Heaven," "The Gong Show," and specials featuring Petula Clark, Carol Channing and Danny Thomas. On Friday in Los Angeles of a heart attack.

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