When Recycling Tempts Scavengers to Turn Hard-Core Looters

This letter is in response and support of "It's Time to Trash Curbside Looting" (May 26):

In my neighborhood, Fridays are trash day. I used to never think about trash day--I just wheeled out my cans of waste and recyclables on Thursday night like everyone else on my street.

My husband and I knew that people would come by and take cans and bottles, but we turned a blind eye knowing that they would be recycled one way or the other. And that's the whole point, right?

Well, now a different type of scavenger has moved into our neighborhood--one that is more aggressive and not satisfied with what is put out on the curb.

Now they come into the yard, onto the porch and have even attempted to get into the locked back yard.

I understand that there are more important things on the city's crime-fighting agenda than stopping people from picking through the garbage. But this constant problem has left my husband and me torn between our duty to recycle and the need to protect our property.


Los Angeles

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