Physicist Claims He Is Einstein’s Son

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<i> from Associated Press</i>

A Prague physicist claims he is the son of Albert Einstein and that he was switched at birth and raised by a woman whose infant died the day he was born, according to a report published Saturday.

Ludek Zakel, 63, told the New York Times: “I may not be able to prove it, but I know I am his son. I cannot profit from being Einstein’s son. I cannot reverse the course of my life or change it in any way. So why would I lie?”

Interviewed in his apartment outside Prague, Zakel said that in 1972 Einstein’s stepdaughter sent a friend to tell him that his real mother was Einstein’s second wife, Elsa, the Times said.


To back up his tale, Zakel, who bears a resemblance to Einstein, said he has written statements from two nurses who have since died, the vow of a possible half sister and the signed statement of 93-year-old Eva Zakel.

Eva Zakel gave birth to a child April 14, 1932--a child who she said died and was switched with the son of Elsa Einstein, 50. Elsa Einstein had gone to Prague because she thought she had a tumor but discovered she was pregnant, the Times said.

It was assumed Einstein and his second wife had a platonic relationship.

Hospital logs show no indication that Elsa Einstein had been a patient, although many logs were damaged in World War II, the Times said.