Jerusalem Site Closed After Confrontation

<i> Associated Press</i>

Police closed the Temple Mount on Sunday after Arabs shouting “God is great” confronted a Jewish group that tried to tour the site, which is holy to both Arabs and Jews.

Hundreds of Jews later scuffled with police as they pushed against a barrier to try to reach the temple. Police dragged away several activists who jumped over fences.

The Jewish tours of the Temple Mount were the first since the Supreme Court last week overturned a ban on Jewish visitors during Jewish holidays. Police imposed the ban after riots during a holiday in 1990 left 17 Palestinians dead and more than 150 wounded.

Jewish activists dressed in sackcloth and chains were escorted into the walled enclosure Sunday. But when dozens of Muslims surrounded them, police led the Jews away.


After meeting with mosque officials, Jerusalem police declared the Temple Mount off limits to all visitors. A police spokesman said the Temple Mount would reopen today.