Rain, Wind Lash Tucson; Flood Kills Motorist

From Associated Press

A storm with wind gusting to 76 m.p.h. dumped hail and more than three inches of rain on Tucson, causing flash floods that killed at least one person and left 11 motorists stranded in raging waters.

The storm that spun off Hurricane Flossie struck during the afternoon rush hour. Flossie moved into the open Pacific on Friday after veering past Baja California.

The storm also knocked out power to a wide area in and around the city, the Tucson Electric Power Co. said. The company did not have an estimate on the number of customers affected nor when the power would be restored.

The Tucson motorist killed had tried to drive through floodwater and was swept into a small canyon.

The fate of the 11 motorists was not immediately clear.

By nightfall, the storm diminished in Tucson but swept into central Arizona. In Phoenix, blowing dust cut visibility to a quarter of a mile as the storm advanced.

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