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Chrysler Ends Relationship With Detroit News: The auto maker says its employees will no longer talk to the News, and it has barred News reporters from Chrysler events. The auto maker's top executives are angry at the newspaper's coverage of investor Kirk Kerkorian's efforts to gain control of the company. A story in Tuesday's News said Chrysler Vice Chairman Thomas G. Denomme summoned auto editor Bradley A. Stertz to his office and said, "From now on, you, your editors and your journal cease to exist as far as this company is concerned." The action followed a front-page News story on Sunday that said Chrysler Chairman Robert J. Eaton had warned company employees that quality could be a weak spot in its battle with Kerkorian. Detroit News Editor and Publisher Robert H. Giles said the newspaper will continue its coverage of Chrysler and Kerkorian and stands behind the story.

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