We know there’s a cyberheaven:Steve Miller found...


We know there’s a cyberheaven:

Steve Miller found what he calls “a new hazard of the information superhighway.” It was a calendar listing for a class offered by the training division of the American Film Institute:

“Widows 95.”

IRRESISTIBLE YOU: We don’t know why we were targeted, but a publicist for a local “psychic / shaper” sent us a press release about Sexcharm, a talisman that supposedly can transform an individual into “a human sexual magnet.”

The publicist couldn’t divulge everything about this “unique body jewelry”--not even the price.


But she did confide that Sexcharm contains “a hair-like substance” that is “mostly of equine origin” and is “gathered from brushings, cruelty-free and untreated.” (Reminds us of the cowboy stars of the early movies who were so shy that they kissed no one but their horses.)

But wait--there’s more: “Sexcharm is activated by a personal incantation which is written on the container in which Sexcharm is enclosed.”

Of course! And we bet this is the incantation:

“Say, haven’t we met before?”

SPLAT!In a discussion of the low alumni-giving rates at such local universities as USC and UCLA (12% each), we left out the more generous figures for grads of three Claremont colleges: Pomona (47%), Scripps (49%) and Claremont McKenna (53%). Referring to our omission, we mused: “Let’s face it--in Claremont, the Harvey name is mud.”

How were we to know we had offended still another school? We received a note from a fourth Claremont college that has a 49% alumni-giving rate--Harvey Mudd.

L.A.’S HALF-HOUR OF FAME: “60 Minutes” has been spending a lot of moments in L.A. lately. Not only is the TV show working on a piece about the MTA and the Metro Rail subway, but it recently ran a segment on L.A. Police Chief Willie L. Williams and his problems. City Councilman Nate Holden demanded an apology on behalf of Williams after the latter segment--a demand that CBS rejected.

A few years ago, an appearance on “60 Minutes” by then Police Chief Daryl F. Gates raised another question. One Santa Monica viewer wrote to Gates to say he’d noticed that the chief was not wearing a seat belt as he was driven through riot-torn L.A. with reporter Leslie Stahl.


In a reply letter, Gates pleaded guilty with an explanation. He had initially buckled up, he wrote, but inasmuch as “Leslie Stahl and the camera were both in the back seat, I turned around in my seat and was nearly strangled by the three-point safety belt. My car does not have a simple lap belt system so I removed my seat belt.”

We let Gates off with a warning.

miscelLAny Stan Sellers of Mission Hills shared with us a letter he received from Blockbuster Video, demanding payment for a movie “which you checked out on 11/17/58.” Says Sellers: “Wow. 1958 BV. Wasn’t that Before Videos?”