Men Are A Drag, Men Are OK

Perhaps I am a bit thin-skinned, but if City Spa is such a great place, why taint a review ("Men-Altering Experience," by Mary McNamara, Palm Latitudes, Aug. 27) with anti-male invective? In the process of confusing the point of her article, McNamara banishes her temporary hatred of men by visiting to a possibly chauvinist and recently desegregated men's health club.

If McNamara really hates the men who "work with her, play with her and fix her car," then the exotic spectacle of Old World chivalry and steamy beatings with eucalyptus leaves probably would not be enough to inspire an emotional catharsis. Apparently the "different kind of men" at City Spa do exactly that.

Instead of going on about many of her personal difficulties with men, perhaps McNamara should try visualizing herself in the shoes of those she deals with on a day-to-day basis before growing too impatient with their 'arguments, excuses and coaxings."

Allowing her man-hating seizures to be published underlines what may be her need to resolve some emotional issues with therapy more serious than a plaitza .

Adam Howard


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