Ways to Put Names to Faces

To help you better remember people’s names, experts offer these tips:

* Confidence. An important memory enhancer is a sense of confidence that you can remember. Relax and really listen to the name of the person you are being introduced to. Tell yourself you will remember it.

* House of memory. A famous mnemonic used by ancient Romans and Greeks involves creating an imaginary dwelling with a series of rooms. As you take a mental walk through, associate each room with a name or other information you want to remember.

* Syllables or rhymes. Take a name’s syllables and associate them with the person. For Richard, think Rich (lots of money) and -ard will follow. Or try rhymes, like Pete and repeat.


* Connect face with name. When meeting people, turn your attention away from everything else and concentrate on any outstanding facial features, using it to connect with the name. Memorize a feature and link it to the name. Julie with large eyes. Or John with the jaw. Terry with the teeth.

* Give yourself a hint. For Maureen, think of “Mo” as in the Three Stooges. For Robin, think of the bird.

* Clear your mind. When trying to recall a name, empty your mind by visualizing an open meadow or a bucolic lake scene so the sought-after name can drift in.