THE SIMPSON VERDICTS : Simpson's Statement

Jason Simpson read a statement by his father after the verdict. Here is the text of that statement:

"I am relieved that this part of the incredible nightmare that occurred on June 12, 1994, is over with. My first obligation is to my young children, who will be raised in the way that Nicole and I had always planned."

"My second obligation is to my family and to those friends who never wavered in their support. And when things have settled, I will pursue, as my primary goal in life, the killer or killers who slaughtered Nicole and Mr. Goldman. They're out there somewhere. Whatever it takes to identify them and bring them in, I will provide it somehow."

"I only hope someday that--despite every prejudicial thing that has been said about me publicly, both in and out of the courtroom--people will come to understand and believe that I would not, could not and did not kill anyone."

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