How Scary Are You?

A newspaper decides to kick off a popular annual contest asking readers to send in their scariest Halloween stories . . . the same week that O.J. Simpson is acquitted. In the days that follow, letters to the editor hit the mail room like jurors to talk shows while Halloween stories craaaaawwl in . * Think you can come up with a scarier story? We invite you to enter the third annual Scariest Halloween Story Ever Told Contest. You can do it with words (maximum 700) or with a drawing (one page and in color). Submissions must be created for children--but all ages can enter--and must reach us by Oct. 17. (No phone calls, please.) Winning entries will be published Oct. 31, and prizes will be awarded.

Send your frightening fables to Scary Stories, Life & Style, Los Angeles Times, Times Mirror Square, Los Angeles, Calif. 90053, and include a daytime phone number. Or fax stories to (213) 237-4888. Sorry, submissions cannot be returned.

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