Scapegoating Women

* Re "There Is Even Less Justice for Women," Commentary, Oct. 9:

Phyllis Chesler and Merle Hoffman hit the nail on the head: Scapegoating women for the crimes of men is not justice. Unfortunately, historically, women of all races seem to be unable to stop protecting men, neither their racial brothers, their employers, their ministers and government officials, and yes, even their fathers, lovers and sons.

It would take a revolution of thought for women of all races to face their own institutionalized self-hatred and name the violence against themselves and their children that perpetuates itself. Women must have the guts to talk about it and be intolerant of it with their own fathers and sons as well as the bosses, priests and senators. Mostly they must be intolerant of the silent collusion with their own abuse that they perpetuate and shield with racial and class solidarity, religion and family secrets.


South Pasadena

* Millions of dollars were spent on the Simpson trial and its media coverage. Now it will be important to use our time and money to stop domestic violence and eliminate racism. Law enforcement officials must be educated to more effectively respond to the crime of domestic violence, and they must be better trained to be more respectful of all people.

Violence against women occurs in the most luxurious of homes, in seemingly idyllic neighborhoods and in communities of every race and belief. Women and men are violently murdered on our streets every day. Therefore, women and men of all races must together say, "No more."

If we are going to eliminate all forms of bias and the hate and violence they perpetuate, we must believe in ourselves and believe in each other. We must believe in our ability to overcome the burden of our history and believe in our individual and collective ability to forge a new way of life for ourselves and our children. Let us come together and work toward a nation without violence. The YWCA Week Without Violence, Oct. 15-21, is one place to start creating alternatives to violence in all our communities. We will join together to proclaim peace as a standard for our nation.


YWCA Executive Director

South Orange County


YWCA Board of Directors

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