Prime Minister Rabin

* Re your editorial, "Rabin's Razor-Thin Edge" (Oct. 9), which comments on the bare 61-59 Knesset vote of approval for Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin's Palestinian policy, you failed to mention one extremely important fact about this vote. This two-vote "majority" included the votes of eight Arabs who do not support the Zionist concept of a Jewish state in Israel.

Rabin is giving Jewish land to an Arab enemy against the wishes of a majority of the Jews living in Israel. The Zionist state of Israel very generously permits Arabs who are openly anti-Zionist to vote in support of their anti-Zionist agenda, including such issues as the security and safety of Israel and its residents.


Los Angeles

* "Israeli Party Looks to Election to Kill Peace Pact" (Oct. 5) illustrates one of the most politically false and morally offensive features of Rabin's so-called peace process. A substantial number of Israelis see the peace process as a disaster process. The false and offensive claim by the Rabin government is that the Likud opposition is opposed to peace.



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