School Uniforms Must Be Taken Seriously

Surely we should be taking the adopting of school uniforms much more seriously than your Oct. 19 article apparently is ("Spunky & Funky: Dress Codes Are Meant to Be Bent . . . ").

The whole point of introducing school uniforms at this time is because schools have extremely serious problems. We are talking about the deaths of young people. This should not be a game.

The wearing of uniforms is an effective way of normalizing an environment, putting children in an environment where clothes are not important, visual image is not put first, a place where the child can concentrate on the content of a book--and of a friend's character.

I loved my school uniform. All peer pressures disappeared Monday mornings when I became a schoolgirl. Weekends and evenings were my time to invent, and my creativity was not hampered at all.

In fact, I became a fashion designer.


Los Angeles

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