WHO'S COUNTING? What's the first thing you have to do when you buy a watch at most department stores? Set the time. . . . But not at Tourneau's at South Coast Plaza in Costa Mesa, which has its 4,000-plus watches set correctly all the time. Which is why its staff will spend 250 working hours by tonight changing them all. . . . If it's escaped you: Set your clock back an hour before you go to bed tonight. If you usually wake up at 7, it will only be 6. You can sleep another hour.

HI, NEIGHBOR: Seven homes were destroyed on Pacific Avenue in Laguna Beach two years ago. Six have been rebuilt, and the seventh will be ready next month. Friday, on the firestorm's second anniversary, the seven homeowners threw a party--and visited each other's new houses. . . . One of them, accountant Chris Tower, says with a chuckle: "All this has definitely changed the nature of our relationship. We're much more neighborly than before."

TEEING UP: A couple of changes are in order for next year's Toshiba Senior Classic golf tournament, which premiered at the Mesa Verde Country Club in Costa Mesa last March. The purse will jump from $800,000 to $1 million. . . . It's also moving to a new home: the Newport Beach Country Club. The staff will be prepared, said tournament official Bob Neely: "There shouldn't be anybody in this area that doesn't know about this tournament when we are through."

OODLES OF THOUGHT: Club O' Noodles, a Vietnamese American drama-comedy troupe, took its name from the instant soup Cup O' Noodles, a repast preferred by its busy college-student performers (F1). Noodle also refers to brains. Put it all together, says artistic director Hung Nguyen, and you get a moniker reflecting the "youthfulness, outrageousness and insightfulness" of the company, which is presenting "Laughter for the Children of War."


Time for a Change

Daylight Saving Time ends at 2 a.m. Sunday, and clocks should be moved back one hour.

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