Teacher Award

* As one of the original recipients (1985) of the Milken Family Foundation Award, I enjoyed reading your article about the 1995 recipient, Lancaster science teacher Dick Chapleau (Oct. 13). The money, of course, is an important part of the award, but not the only significant ingredient.

As a result of the state banquet and the national education conference, the foundation provides a vehicle that leaves the recipient with a feeling of pride, dignity and honor. Those feelings are great motivators and in most cases tend to rejuvenate our careers.

The opportunity to network and share ideas with many of the country's most outstanding educators during the education conference is untouchable. Over the past 10 years many of the Milken award recipients continue to keep in touch and share ideas with each other, something the foundation facilitates and encourages.


Van Nuys

* Congratulations to Chapleau, his students, his family and to the generosity of the Milken family for their recognition of the worthy, the good and the positive strivings in our community.


Los Angeles

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