MADD Honors 19 Officers for Arresting Drunk Driving Suspects

Orange County police officers were honored Friday for assisting in various programs that have helped keep drunk drivers off the streets.

At the ninth annual community recognition dinner sponsored by Mothers Against Drunk Driving, 19 officers were lauded for their arrests of 100 or more drunk drivers last year.

Santa Ana Police Officer Greg Maciha and Anaheim Police Officer Allen Eichorn each topped the list of honorees by making at least 300 drunk driving arrests in 1994.

Costa Mesa Reserve Officer Barry Schleider and Westminster Police Officer Thomas Blackburn followed with more than 200 arrests. Schleider, who netted 230 arrests in the past year, was the only reserve officer honored Friday.


Also in attendance were police chiefs and deputy district attorneys, some of whom were honored for prosecuting drunk driving cases and for the concern they showed for the victims involved.

A special award was presented to Allstate Insurance for supporting MADD’s educational and public awareness programs. Allstate helped fund the organization’s Sober Prom this year. The program provides pamphlets and information to almost 30,000 county teen-agers annually.

Friday’s gala also kicked off MADD’s annual red ribbon campaign to increase awareness of the dangers of drinking and driving.