FILLMORE : Estate Gives Library Check for $423,000

The Fillmore Library received a check on Tuesday for $423,000 representing the entire estate of Lucille Wigley, a 79-year-old woman who died last January and left everything she owned to the library.

“We are so grateful to Mrs. Wigley,” said Dixie Adeniran, director of the county’s Library Services Agency. “It took my breath away when I held the check. It is the largest single donation ever received by a county library.”

Wanda Haynes, who managed the closure of Wigley’s estate, handed the check to library officials during a small, quiet ceremony at the Fillmore Library.

Within the next few months, Adeniran will propose to the Ventura County Board of Supervisors that the funds be invested and that revenues generated by interest be used to increase library hours and buy books and computers, she said.


The board must agree on how and when the funds are to be spent, she said. In memory of Wigley, who lived in Fillmore for 50 years, the library plans to hang a plaque at the library memorializing her gift, Adeniran said.