They left almost no bumper unturned:George Ryon’s...

They left almost no bumper unturned:

George Ryon’s Chevy Suburban was stolen while he was dining in West Covina, and when it was found by police it was almost completely stripped. The upholstery was gone, along with the seats, windows, doors, tires and rear-view mirror. About all that was left was the steel frame. And, oh yes, one other thing, tucked away in the underside of the body--his spare car key.

IT DOESN’T ADD UP: El Segundo-based Mattel, mother of one of the nation’s most famous (and most curvaceous) blondes, has introduced a Teacher Barbie. She’s decked out in red pumps and a (brief) black dress. Mattel didn’t say, but we think we know one class the doll won’t be teaching. You may recall her controversial statement of a few years ago when she was Teen Talk Barbie: “Math class is tough.”

SGT. BARBIE WOULD LIKE IT: Don Page, columnist with the Tolucan-Canyon Crier, wrote a Veteran’s Day piece about finding his father’s old military outfits in a trunk. But when the article appeared in print the word “and” inadvertently had been inserted into one sentence. So, it read: “There was his World War II dress and jacket.”


A TRUE L.A. CHARACTER: We just received the CD “Eden’s Island,” which contains recordings by Eden Ahbez, the free spirit whose autobiographical song, “Nature Boy,” was recorded by Nat Cole.

Ahbez, who died earlier this year at the age of 86, was “known variously as the Yogi and the Hermit,” says Bryan Thomas of Del-Fi records.

He “wore flowing white sheets and kept his hair and his beard unfashionably long in the button-down, post-World War II world. . . . Eden always slept outdoors, making his ‘home’ under the first L of the Hollywood sign.”

We don’t know how you could get any sleep there, what with all the people climbing over you to alter the sign or jump off of it.

WHODUNIT FIRST: While televangelist Pat Robertson (“The End of the Age”) and ex-Watergate figure Charles Colson (“Gideon’s Torch”) have been garnering publicity in the East for supposedly introducing the concept of the “Christian thriller,” the genre actually appeared in Southern California several months ago.

Wally Davis, a former detective with the La Palma Police Department, wrote a Christian murder mystery, “Suspended Animation.” His piece of pulpit fiction contains no graphic violence or sex--and the strongest descriptive term used is “jerk.” But it has plenty of humor. A darn good read.

miscelLAny “Off the Wall!” a video documentary by Mel Stuart about graffiti guerrilla Joe Connolly, was shown at the Petersen Automotive Museum the other night. Connolly’s group, Gag-Taggers, has been working with city officials to erase graffiti in L.A. Connolly began his efforts in the Fairfax area a few years ago by confronting taggers and by leaving eye-catching, counter-graffiti of his own on abandoned buildings (see photo). Notice his sign hasn’t been vandalized.