Renovation of Venice Boardwalk OKd

The Los Angeles Recreation and Parks Commission on Wednesday adopted a renovation plan for the Venice Boardwalk despite complaints from local residents and businesses about a new concrete surface.

City parks officials are redesigning the 1.7-mile boardwalk--refurbishing pagodas, adding bathrooms and replacing the cracked asphalt surface with concrete.

Some residents call the textured concrete “too upscale” for Venice.

“This is the first step toward gentrification,” said Richard Abcarian, president of Friends of the Venice Boardwalk, a group of residents. “I envision the boardwalk as a mall that will be catering primarily to commercial interests and tourists.”


Business leaders, who had proposed a brick surface, expressed disappointment over the choice of concrete.

All sides agree on several aspects of the plan, including new lighting, a first-aid station and a second bike path.

Officials say construction could begin by summer.