GARDEN GROVE : Council Nixes Request for Liquor Warehouse

After hearing testimony from nearby residents, the City Council on Tuesday voted down a request to open a liquor warehouse in a Harbor Boulevard business complex.

Though the developer promised to have a security guard at the site, near Westminster Avenue, and provided a traffic study showing that the project would not have a significant effect, the majority of the council said no.

“I think it’s a great business,” Mayor Bruce A. Broadwater said, “but I don’t think it fits there. The traffic is already horrendous.”

Councilman Ho Chung agreed, saying, “I am not convinced by the traffic study.”


But Councilmen Mark Leyes and Bob Dinsen, who supported the project, said they believe the city has adequate review procedures to head off traffic and security problems.

The developer, Hani Anastas, who owns two similar bulk liquor outlets--in Bellflower and Hawaiian Gardens--said he was surprised and disappointed by the council’s decision.

“We will have to take a hard look at moving into Orange County,” Anastas said.