VENTURA : Group Honors Unsung Heroes

The Westside Volunteer Corps, a group of Ventura residents who volunteer at the city’s Ventura Avenue police storefront, held an awards banquet Friday night to honor about 20 citizens they say are unsung heroes in the community.

“Most of the people out here don’t get remembered for anything, so this is our way,” said Lou Sickels, a westside resident and corps member. “This is honoring people on The Avenue.”

Four westside residents, none of whom knew they would be honored before Friday’s dinner and awards ceremony, were singled out for acts of heroism.

Patricia Contreras received a Hero Award for pulling a child from a burning car a few months ago. Dave Walker, Jim Miller and Dan Murphy were honored for chasing and apprehending a suspect in a hit-and-run accident on Ventura Avenue.


Certificates of honor were given to Shawna Boatman, Len Evans, Bill Harrison, Tony Antinarelli, Laurie James, Dan Emry, Maria and Ken Baker, Tina Brocolli, Monique Otto, Jayden Morrison, and Trudy Arriaga for their contributions to the west side.

Mayor Tom Buford was given an award from the Westside Community Council and a special storefront award. Mike Del Dosso was recognized as the “Outstanding Person of the Year.” And Officer Jim Cubitt, who runs the storefront, was given the key to The Avenue.