BODY WATCH : Meditation Reduces Mild Hypertension

Transcendental Meditation is an effective tool in reducing mild hypertension in older African Americans, according to new research. The study, performed in Oakland, assigned people 55 to 85 with hypertension to one of three regimens: TM, muscle relaxation or a lifestyle modification education program. The TM group fared best, with a significant drop of blood pressure.

The TM approach will also be evaluated in a new study at the King/Drew Medical Center. Researchers are recruiting African Americans with mildly elevated blood pressure. Participants will receive special tests and exams related to blood pressure at no cost. For more information, contact Chinelo Haney, project director, at (213) 563-9307.


“Dare to Discipline” your child (ages 1 through 5) will be Monday’s topic at Encino-Tarzana Medical Center. Free, 7-9 p.m. 18321 Clark St., Tarzana. Call (800) 779-6636 . . . A Dystonia/Torticollis support group will meet Nov. 28. Free, 7 p.m. USC University Hospital, Troy Room, 3rd floor, Los Angeles. For details, call Marty Beck, (213) 851-8064 . . . Wednesday evening, learn about “Fighting Holiday Blues” at the Maple Counseling Center. Free for employees of the City of Beverly Hills and members of Maple Counseling Center; $5 for the public. 7-8:30 p.m. 9107 Wilshire Blvd., Beverly Hills. Call (310) 271-9999 for more information . . . The uses and how-to’s of an advance directive or durable power of attorney for health care will be discussed at Northridge Hospital Medical Center on Nov. 30, 2-3:30 p.m. Free; documents available at cost. 14500 Sherman Circle, Van Nuys. For reservations, call (800) 922-0000 . . . The yearly Posada, a fund-raiser for AIDS Service Center, takes place Dec. 2. The two-mile candlelight walk begins at 4:30 p.m. at Pasadena City Hall, 100 N. Euclid Ave., Pasadena. Call (800) 3-POSADA to register.



A UCLA Breast Cancer Nutrition Program is looking for women with breast cancer that has not responded to traditional treatment. Call(310) 794-1274 for details on participating . . . The Assistance League of Downey is raising money to provide housing for the families of patients receiving treatment at Rancho Los Amigos Medical Center. Call (310) 861-1712 to find out how you can help . . . Free breast examinations, mammograms and Pap smears are offered to low-income, uninsured or under-insured women 50 and older in the Antelope Valley and Inglewood areas. Call Senior Health and Peer Counseling at (310) 829-4715 . . . Patients who have suffered a stroke in the past six weeks to six months may want to participate in a study of a drug to decrease pain and increase mobility. Participants must be 21 to 80 years old and weigh at least 132 pounds. Call Daniel Freeman Inglewood Hospital at (310) 674-7050, Ext. 8363 . . . The American Council on Exercise introduces a free consumer fitness hot line. Call (800) 529-8227 for updates on fitness as well as a names of local ACE-certified instructors . . . “Sinus: Pain, Pressure, Drainage” is a free brochure. Request the sinus brochure specifically and send a stamped envelope to the American Academy of Otolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery Inc., 1 Prince St., Alexandria, Va. 22314 . . . Back in 3000 BC, an Egyptian treatment for dry skin consisted of a facial mask made of milk, incense, wax, olive oil, crocodile dung and ground juniper leaves, according to the makers of Nivea.

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