Pork Products Banished After Stay at Pig Inn

* Re: “On the Hoofs of a Dilemma” [Dec. 17], “City Hall Sharply Divided Over Latest Round of Pork Politics” [Dec. 8] as well as the L.A. Times’ travel piece “Pig Inn” [Aug. 6].

I do have an answer to the question, “What do you offer a pig?” posed in your editorial “On the Hoofs of a Dilemma.” This piece brought to mind a wonderful vacation my family took after reading Michael Goodman’s travel piece, “Pig Inn. " While spending three marvelous days at Annie’s Bed and Breakfast in Springville, Calif., my husband and I and our two young children were able to meet Annie and John’s three “children"--Boo, a black potbellied pig; Fanny, a speckled Duroc mixed pig, and Mr. Magoo, a nearsighted potbellied pig.

We offered Annie’s three little pigs little green apples and carrots, which they loved. After graciously taking a nibble, these beautiful and loving creatures would perform tricks for us--including sitting, rolling over, jumping, dancing and twirling around! We loved to rub their tummies and kiss their stubbly little snouts. Since that magnificent and enlightening vacation, the “pig” has taken on a whole new meaning. You will no longer find bacon, ham, pork or spare ribs in our kitchen!


Instead of the council members continually referring the issue back and forth (with Councilman Bernson instructing those “4,000 potbellied pig owners in Los Angeles” to “simply keep the pigs quiet”), the City Council should just vote to license those adorable snout-nosed, brilliant creatures. Then, if my kids and I can only convince my “pigheaded” husband, hopefully my family will be No. 4,001!


Van Nuys