The blisterin’ of ‘96:That’s what we got...

The blisterin’ of ’96:

That’s what we got from KRTH-FM’s Robert W. Morgan after we published a reader poll that ranked him as the third most annoying disc jockey in town. Naturally, he was upset because he hadn’t been ranked No. 1.

Morgan and several of his fans called, demanding a recount. Since we weren’t in the office, Morgan repeatedly played our taped telephone greeting on the air, for which we offer humble thanks. Now we can always say that one of our recordings aired on KRTH!

The Morganites jammed our phone, which was a shame because they prevented Only in L.A.'s usual callers from getting through to notify us of grammatical errors in our column.

Morgan, intent on showing how annoying he can be, left us such messages as a pizza commercial, a traffic report, a listener’s question about Gene Pitney and Roseanne Arnold’s rendition of the national anthem.

Sheesh. We’re almost tempted to reveal what Morgan’s middle initial stands for.


THE CONGRESSMAN HAS NO CLOTHES: Thomas Woellhaf of Woodland Hills sent us a German newspaper that carried an article by a Stuttgart-area student who spent a year in California. The student really bares all about one controversial lawmaker / author / professor.

OH, TAKE A LONG WALK ON A SHORT DOCK: The Marina Reader, a Long Beach publication, reports: “Last month the name of the new long dock in Alamitos Bay was changed to Alamitos Bay Long Dock. Also, the long dock on the outside of Shoreline Harbor (Parker’s Lighthouse Long Dock) will now be called the Downtown Marina Long Dock. This renaming was made in order to geographically identify the location of these docking facilities. The Shoreline Harbor Marina long dock inside Shoreline Harbor will remain the same. . . .”

Glad we cleared that up.

THE TRADITION LIVES: We mentioned that the old Scotch & Sirloin restaurant was a landmark in the ‘70s because it was the L.A. home of the Reverse Margarita, a drink mixed in the customer’s mouth by a bartender and two waitresses (one of whom lined the mouth with salt).

The S & S is gone but a colleague informs us that the operation still is carried out in Durango, Colo., where the concoction is known as the Upside-Down Margarita. Rather than have the customer bend over backward and place his head on the bar, as the S & S performed it, the Durango saloon places the drinker in a barber chair--in the front window.

Tourists, thinking they’re going to see a haircut in a bar, are sometimes stunned to see the inexperienced occupant jump out of the chair, with some margarita running out of his nose. Sorry if that’s an annoying image.

ISN’T THAT CALLED RENTING? Millie Stauffer of Carpinteria (which has a few docks of its own) sent along a sales receipt from a Santa Barbara boat supply company. The receipt says, “Merchandise must be returned within 30 days of purchase.” Stauffer asks, why bother buying it?

miscelLAny Before we go, we just want to say that we hold no grudges against KRTH’s Robert Wilbur Morgan or his fans.