On the Rocks

Beauty is definitely in the eye of the beholder. Just ask Shari Leonard of Walnut Creek, On the Rocks

Leaving no stones unturned, Rockustics Inc., has a speaker for nearly any garden, patio or pool area.

Rockustics, which has created and installed audio systems for Disneyland, Busch Gardens and Opryland, is now manufacturing stone products for residential landscapes.

The speakers, made of a composite of resin, ground stone and rock, are environmentally safe and weather-resistant. “They are very durable and can stay outside all year-round,” says Holly Johnson, spokeswoman for Rockustics, which is based in Aurora, Colo.


Among the latest models--the company makes 24--are Frogtone ($392 a pair), hand-painted frog statues with a river rock and white cobblestone look. These speakers are ideal for blending with plants and bushes in ornamental garden areas.

The Rocky III ($368 a pair) has a polished granite look with a stylized grill. These speakers are suited for small to medium backyards, patios and hot tub areas that require more close-in sound.

The planter speaker ($392 a pair), a large terra-cotta vessel, is designed to accommodate live plants and allows for drainage. These speakers work well in patio, garden, pool, deck, porch and greenhouse areas.

There is also a hanging planter version, and the company welcomes custom orders.


In Orange County, Rockustics speakers are available at Audio Video Entertainment, Laguna Niguel, (714) 348-1245; Audio Visions, Irvine, (714) 753-0503; Bill’s Sound System, Costa Mesa, (714) 540-9800; Contractors Wire & Cable, (714) 712-4020, and Kingalarm, (714) 991-5543, Anaheim; Custom Audio Video Installation, Balboa Island, (714) 673-0257; Dynamic Audio Video, Dana Point, (714) 248-8435; Genesis Audio, El Toro, (714) 830-5000; Good Sounds, Newport Beach, (714) 722-7718; Outreaching Sound, Mission Viejo, (714) 837-9200; Pacific Coast Audio Video, Corona del Mar, (714) 640-5093; Patrick’s Landscaping, Laguna Beach, (714) 494-0185; and Refreshing Sound, Huntington Beach, (714) 894-8005.

On a Plane

This table has an interesting view from every angle.

Integrating geometric forms and bold use of color, the designs of Gerrit Thomas Rietveld, a Dutchman known for his unique angular furniture, are being reproduced as part of Cassina’s Masters Collection.


Rietveld’s table and chair are made of plywood masked in black paint. Primary colors--blue, red and yellow--are used to finish off the pieces.

The table, called Schroeder I ($1,555), has a beechwood top with a black aniline finish. The colored pieces are finished in lacquer.

The lounge chair ($1,595) has a black stained frame and a lacquered seat and back. The chair is considered the impetus for the Modern-art movement.

Rietveld’s works are available at Modern Living, Los Angeles, (213) 655-3898, and at Diva’s two locations, in Los Angeles, (310) 278-3191, and Santa Monica, (310) 656-1529.


Electronic Home Intelligence

After a stressed-out day, you enter the house to hear soft jazz playing and the inviting gurgle of your Jacuzzi ready to soothe away the day. As you inhale deeply, the sweet smell of fresh bread baking entices your appetite. Only in your dreams?

Not anymore.

ISR Inc.'s home automation system can do all this and then some. Managing itself 24 hours a day, the TronArch system integrates and controls several systems in the home, including security, lighting, audio/video, communications, draperies and shades, pools and spas and garage doors.


With personalized lifestyle modes, such as Wake Up, Daytime, Romance and Evening, your home can essentially run itself 95% of the time. The modes can adapt and change to the environment--all at the touch of a computer screen.

If you’re out of town but expecting guests, for instance, the homeowner can activate the Arrival mode over the phone. TronArch (complete systems about $100,000) immediately sets about prepping the house for guests.

Illinois-based ISR, which has won several awards for its system, will soon open a branch in Huntington Beach. Call (708) 416-6600.