Netanyahu Wins Israeli Election

* I read your May 31 editorial regarding the Israeli elections. You have a negative opinion that incoming Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will slow the peace process. Yes, it will be peace with more security. Last week four soldiers were killed and 10 wounded in southern Lebanon.

Israel is first and foremost a Jewish state. The people of Israel voted as a democracy, which is reflected in the new makeup of the Knesset. The religious parties now have 25 seats. The Russian immigrants led by Natan Sharansky have seven seats. Even the Arabs have nine seats. The new government will reflect the more conservative approach to peace with security, it will increase the monies spent on religious institutions, such as schools, synagogues, mikvehs and put more religion into Israel’s secular schools.

Israel’s Jewish population voted for the more conservative approach by a 55% to 44% majority. Let’s have peace with security.



Co-Chairman, Agudath Israel

of California, Commission

on Legislation, L.A.*

The Israeli election shows that they have a curious way of mourning the assassination of Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin. They spit on his grave.




Those Palestinians who may be anxious about the results of the Israeli election would do well to take an example from the Saudis. Whatever the political component, you can’t doubt the moral intentions and character of a people that swiftly beheads militants who bomb a U.S. facility on its soil (June 2).

On the other hand, the moral intentions of a people that spawns and harbors terrorists who bomb innocent civilians going about their daily business can be doubted, if not highly suspected.


If, indeed, it was in their interest to have Shimon Peres reelected, the lesson to the Palestinians is that a display of some condemnation for the criminals in their midst might well have persuaded about 15,000 Israelis, if not considerably more, not to switch their votes to Netanyahu.

The world is waiting for the Palestinians to express revulsion and demonstrate punishment for the monstrous acts performed by their Hamas and Hezbollah factions. Meanwhile, who can blame the Israelis for electing the man who will draw back from a too-hasty race to peace with a partner of such questionable moral character?




Regarding the quote from Rabin’s widow, Leah Rabin, “I feel like packing my suitcase and getting the hell out of here” (May 31): What a weak character and most importantly a disloyal citizen of the democratic republic of Israel.


Los Angeles*

It’s ironic to think that about 2,000 years ago a Jewish man was killed because of his teachings of love, brotherhood and peace. Last November, Rabin, another man raising the flag of peace and tolerance, was also buried, killed by the hand of insanity. And the same happened to Mahatma Gandhi and Archbishop Oscar Romero and many others who have also carried in their enlightened minds the ideas of reason and of peace.


As an American, I have seen more than enough images of blood, destruction, hatred and suffering in the Middle East. I personally think that Netanyahu’s election is a bad sign, that he will eventually add more fire to the madness of war.

I wonder, is humanity destined to relive the same tragic events over again? Is peace a luxury only the dead can afford? I hope not.


South Pasadena*


Fear and reaction have prevailed in Israel. Assassins and suicide bombers have won. Israel has lost.


Long Beach