Why Are These People Smiling?

What’s with the Pepsodent-bright smiles of Assemblyman Scott Baugh and his aides, Rhonda Carmony and Maureen Werft? (“Booking Mugs for Baugh, Aides Released,” June 15.)

These are supposed to be booking mugs?

C’mon, these slick Orange County Republicans have pulled a major con job on The Times in getting these photos of “Happy Times Are Here Again/Good Fellas” PR shots in the paper.

All the Pepsodent in the world can’t brush away the moral decay and cracks in the shiny enamel of these supposedly bright, rising stars of the Republican Party.


The Rock (Alcatraz) has been in the news lately. At one time, The Rock was famous for its booking mugs, including a side profile and a booking number shingle hung around the grim-faced prisoner.

Baugh’s felony perjury charges deserve a similar mug. Until a court hearing, we have yet to see the other side of the faces of these Republican One-Eyed Jacks.