Odds 'n' Ends

To some, it's just junk. To Lizzie, a furniture designer who goes by a single name, discarded doors and windows are the backbone of a business.

Lizzie makes whimsical, off-center pieces out of doors and windows she finds at salvage yards.

"What we're doing is really different from what other people are doing," says Lizzie, who constructs her furniture in a warehouse in Orange. "We build tables and cabinets that look like birdhouses, for instance, and beds that look like barns and Victorian houses.

"We can take old five-panel doors and make a cupboard out of them, paint quilts on them."

The painting, which has a trompe l'oeil effect, is done by artists and can be styled to customer request. Most of the furnishings (from $65 to several thousand dollars, depending on the detail) are completed in eight to 12 weeks.

Lizzie, who started her business about 18 months ago, got the idea when she owned an antique store at the Orange Plaza. She bought an old window, thought it looked like a cabinet door and, after some tinkering, got the effect she wanted.

She made a few more, then sold seven of eight pieces to a store in Las Vegas. The store ordered 10 more.

Lizzie plans to expand, opening stores at Fashion Island Newport Beach, Fashion Valley in San Diego and the Santa Monica Marketplace.

Many of the pieces have been placed in famous homes, including that of Sue Boone, wife of former Angel Bob Boone.

Lizzie's works are available at Auntie Barbara's, Beverly Hills (310) 285-0873; Imagine That, Sherman Oaks (818) 784-8215, Santa Monica (310) 395-9553 and West Hollywood (310) 247-1270; Constantly Changing, Encinitas (619) 436-0633; or by calling Lizzie at (714) 538-4574.

Office Wear

Working an office space into your home has been made easier, with "Interior Elements," a new wallpaper line in the Imperial Home collection by Sanitas.

The wallcoverings were designed to give your workstation an office-like atmosphere yet coordinate with the decor of the rest of the house.

To ease the transition from office to home, you might consider the Gothic group, which includes the Night border, a wrought-iron fleur-de-lis motif.

A traditional grouping combines a textured pattern with a striped variation and a damask pattern overlay.

The Quana border, is a southwestern theme with striped string textures and two ethnic geometric prints.

There are 70 wall covers ($19, 27 inches wide, fabric-backed vinyl) and 27 borders (about $9 per roll of 15 linear feet) in the collection. All are stain-resistant and can be scrubbed and stripped.

The collection is available at home centers throughout the county. For information, call (201) 489-0100. For information on how to install wallcoverings, call (800) 925-5825.

Home Security

When preparing for summer vacation, remember plans to secure your home from burglaries.

Ameritech, one of the nation's largest security providers, offers a free brochure with tips to protect your home.

"More burglaries occur during the summer than any other season," says Mitch Black, vice president of residential security for SecurityLink from Ameritech. "To protect your home from burglary, start with the '3 Ds'. . . deterrence, defense and detection."

Ameritech recommends putting lights and a stereo or TV on a timer to give the appearance that someone is home. Don't stop mail or newspaper deliveries; have a neighbor pick them up instead. Never leave an outgoing message that your are not home on your answering machine. Store high-value items such as jewelry in a small closet with a solid core door, a nonremovable hinge and a deadbolt lock.

For a brochure, call (800) 343-4726.

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