Forget the House--Look for the Wine

As one who has lived in, loved in and nurtured the family home for close to 30 years, and now has it on the market, I found your article ("Hello, Wake Up and Smell the Cat Box, Home Sellers," June 2) quite depressing.

Our home is spacious, immaculate and attractive, and located in the convenient Beverly Center neighborhood. It has the charm of a home built in the 1920s--lovely hardwood floors, stained glass window, beautiful tile work, large rooms and closets, plus all new water pipes, new roof, sparkling spa and pool, wiring for cable TV and the Internet. It has been bolted to its foundation and given new landscaping and a newly built garage with additional handsome storage areas.

Yet my experience is that people walk in, spend about three minutes walking through, never learn about all the wonderful features and expensive but unseen strengthening, nor the delightful and caring neighbors.

Now you tell me that if I put a wine bottle and glasses by the swimming pool, or stay home from work and bake cookies, that will sell my house. Scary.


Los Angeles

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