Oversize 'Goal' Lacks Satisfying Intellectual Kick

Ingrid Eriksson's "Goal" is the second-dumbest show of the season. At Richard Telles Fine Art, the young Stockholm-based artist has drawn an oversize soccer goal on the gallery wall and placed a dozen different balls on the floor. Viewers are meant to kick the balls at the crude, charcoal wall drawing.

When a ball bounces off the image, it picks up particles of charcoal. Then, when it bounces off another wall it leaves a shadowy circle there.

That's it.

A fan of Eriksson's installation might try to defend it as a Conceptual exercise--as an ongoing, interactive drawing. But that's farfetched and unconvincing.

Kicking balls around an art gallery is not nearly as satisfying, nor as interactive, as driving a car (or even riding a bus) to the show. "Goal" does little more than make a joke of art and of sports. As a timid, art-world tie-in to the Olympic Games, it even lacks the artistry of the real thing.

* Richard Telles Fine Art, 7380 Beverly Blvd., (213) 965-5578, through Aug. 10. Closed Sundays and Mondays.

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