Blast Tears at Flight 800 Mourners

From Newsday

For families and friends of the victims of TWA Flight 800 who are still awaiting answers on what killed their loved ones, the news of the Atlanta bombing resonated painfully.

"Haven't we suffered enough? There is too much anger in this world, and look who it affects," said Christine Begley, gesturing to the 600 mourners attending a funeral at Notre Dame Church in New Hyde Park, N.Y., for a mother and daughter killed on Flight 800.

Begley, 25, is the cousin of Deirdre Feeney, who was buried with her mother, Vera, Saturday.

At the Ramada Plaza at John F. Kennedy Airport, the hotel where friends and relatives are awaiting information about victims who have not yet been found or identified, news of the Atlanta bombing elicited empathy for those victims and their loved ones.

Max Dadi, whose brother Marcel died in the crash, likened it to living in Israel, where a rash of bus bombings and attacks has left scores of civilians dead and others living in fear.

With the latest bombing, "there are more families with dead bodies, and it's very terrible," Dadi said. "It's hard for us to know there is somebody crying for their loved people."

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