Group’s L.A. Chapter Details Firearms Policy


In response to an article, “A Fairy Godmother to Ailing Children” (Aug. 21), the Los Angeles Make-A-Wish Foundation would like to reiterate its firearms policy as it relates to the granting of wishes to life-threatened or terminally ill children.

Factors such as age appropriateness, limitations defined by the child’s illness, legality or safety are all considered in the granting of a wish. Additionally there is a policy in place that prohibits the granting of a wish that consists of the gift or use of a firearm, explosives and / or any weapon. This policy is adhered to by all California chapters of the foundation.

Our mission is not about hunting--it is about granting wishes to children as safely and responsibly as possible. We respect the opinions of those who have spoken out in opposition to a hunting wish granted by another chapter. However, that opposition has unleashed a fringe element resulting in bomb threats at local chapter offices and personal threats to office personnel.


We are in the business of granting wishes. We are trying to remain focused on that business and would hope that the community, and those who share the concern for our past, present and future wish-children, would respect our endeavors.


Executive Director

Los Angeles Make-A-Wish Foundation