Girls School Shouldn't Encourage Sexism

I read Pamela Warrick's article "A Place Where Girls Can Be All That They Can Be" (Dec. 1) with interest.

How nice: a new girls school.

How politically correct: a new girls school based upon feminist ideals.

Uh-oh. That should have been a warning. For, I read: "Two 12-year-olds were picking at the innards of a formaldehyde-soaked earthworm splayed on a plank.

" 'Jeez, how do you tell the male from the female?' wondered one of the junior zoologists. 'The brains seem to be the same. . . .'

" 'No way!' shouted her partner. 'Look how teeny this brain is and how big its sex glands are. It's got to be a guy.' "

Charming, no? Is this an example of the mind-set being taught the little darlings at Archer School? Rabid, man-hating sexism does seem a little misplaced, coming from a 12-year-old.



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