ACT Networks Reaches Supply Agreement

ACT Networks, a Camarillo company, has reached a supply agreement with Telefonica Sistemas de Satelites to cover the countries of Argentina, Chile, Peru, Ecuador and Brazil.

Telefonica SS is an engineering company specializing in the supply of advanced satellite communications systems, TV networks and cable products.

Under the terms of the agreement, Telefonica SS, a subsidiary of Telefonica de Espana, will use ACT's products to build turn-key networks as well as distribute and resell the products to end-users.

"Telefonica SS has been using ACT's frame-relay products to provide voice, fax and data services to end users in certain Latin American countries," said Domingo Diaz, vice president of operations for Telefonica SS. "As we continue to expand our service offerings and market coverage, we have decided to strengthen our relationship with ACT through this agreement."

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