Nixon Friend Bebe Rebozo

Re "When Does Friendship Become Cronyism: Ask Any President," Opinion, Jan. 5:

As a lifelong Democrat and one who never supported Richard Nixon I can say this without being labeled a "Nixon defender": I am outraged by the naked, obvious bigotry in Martin Walker's column.

Walker writes, "Photos of Nixon and [Bebe] Rebozo, in black business suits and sunglasses, looking as if they were heading for a Mafia funeral as they cruised in a motorboat, revealed more of Nixon's dark soul than any number of tapes." Now, what the hell does that mean? Rebozo, as far as I know, has never been convicted or even arrested for any crime. What in the world is wrong with him wearing a business suit and sunglasses? Why is that tantamount to --or worthy of being compared with--criminality and belonging to the Mafia?

What makes anyone think that his wearing a dark suit and sunglasses on a motorboat reveals a "dark soul"? Outrageous bigotry! Incredible and invidious prejudice!



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